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The discussion took place in the presence of the ministers of finance and energy of a number of African countries in order to reach a common vision with financing institutions, governments, commercial banks and energy developers. (Image source: SCZONE)

On the second day of the Africa Energy Forum 2022 (AEF), held in Brussels, participants discussed the main milestones for the transformation to a green economy in Africa during a session entitled “The Road from COP26 to COP27”

Machinery data is already helping efficient construction practices. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

During a bauma TALK webinar, part of the series which is acting as a base of information for the upcoming bauma 2022, experts explored the barriers standing in the way of digital construction sites

The event will provide latest industry knowledge with keynotes from key players of the sector. (Image source: EnergyNet)

The Africa Energy Forum (aef) 2022 will be held from 21-24 June in Brussels under the theme ‘Africa for Africa: Building Energy for the Just Transition’, before starting its journey to Nairobi, Kenya, where it will host the 25th Africa Energy Forum

Enlit Africa and Cape Town will play host to the leading power and energy sector experts and thought leaders. (Image source: Enlit Africa)

While reports of outages, cable theft and general tales of woe create an impression that the ‘dark continent’ is an appropriate moniker, there is another tale to be told here — one in which electrification, light, new interconnections and power developments are springing up all over Africa, with innovative technology being adopted at an unprecedented rate

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