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Trina Solar is engaged mainly in PV products, PV systems and smart energy. (Image source: Trina Solar)


Trina Solar has signed three distributor partnerships in an effort that will see the company significantly expand its operations across the Middle East and Africa

The company has partnered with Noon for Renewable Energy in Lebanon, Al Takamul Engineering in Palestine, and Golden Sun Solar Solutions in Sudan, and is now poised to deliver a total of 110MW modules including Vertex N modules tailored to the region's unique energy landscape.

Zhao Lei, head of strategic key accounts at Trina Solar, commented, “We are thrilled to welcome Noon for Renewable Energy, Al Takamul Engineering, and Golden Sun Solar Solutions to our esteemed network of distributors. Their expertise and dedication align perfectly with our mission to deliver cutting-edge solar solutions ensuring faster adoption of solar energy. These partnerships highlight our commitment to expanding our footprint in the Middle East and Africa and accelerate progress towards net-zero future.”

The company was keen to sing the praises of its Vertex n-type family, equipped with n-type i-TOPCon technology that reportedly delivers superior efficiency, exceptional long-term reliability, and lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for solar developers.

The expansion efforts of Trina Solar is part of its global mission to drive renewable energy adoption. It remains dedicated to accelerating the transition to clean energy and realising global net zero ambitions.

Trina Solar also recently made headlines for its newly-formed partnership with WBHO Construction and SOLA to deliver the Merak 1 solar project in South Africa. Discover the full story at:

Mantrac customers are presented with a range of repair options to suit their budget and requirements. (Image source: Mantrac)


As heavy machinery plays a vital role in various industries, ensuring optimal performance and longevity is paramount and no one understands this better than the Mantrac Group

Operating in 13 territories across East and West Africa and the Middle East, Mantrac is a leading distributor of best-in-class Cat equipment, power solutions, and microgrid solar and energy storage systems, all backed by its maintenance, repair and other support services. The dealer’s comprehensive inventory also includes parts and attachments as well as rental and used machines and power systems.

Offering the best industry equipment for a range of sectors including construction, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, quarrying and more, means also offering the best support. To help its customers maximise the value of their investments, Mantrac offers comprehensive repair and rebuild options.

Built to rebuild

Caterpillar machines are engineered for multiple rebuilds throughout their lifecycle, ensuring maximum performance and reliability. To make it easier for customers to take advantage of this special Caterpillar design, Mantrac has invested millions in its very own dedicated Certified Rebuild Centres (CRCs).

Spanning thousands of square metres and equipped with world-class tools, these facilities meet the same safety, quality and contamination standards as a Caterpillar factory. The rebuilding of all major components can be done quickly and tested to Caterpillar’s rigorous standards and backed by the same standard warranty for peace of mind by specialised teams of engineers and technicians trained to minimise costs while maximising component lifecycle.

Automated repairs

The importance of timely repairs cannot be overstated. Component failure can cause damage to other components, lead to increased downtime and increase repair costs by 2.5x.

Mantrac understands the impact of equipment failure on operations. That is why Mantrac offers predictive maintenance plans tailored to customers’ needs, considering key factors such as usage hours and cost-benefit analyses.

Customers are presented with a range of repair options to suit their budget and requirements. Basic covers rebearing and reseal with fixed, up-front costs, while Basic Plus includes additional parts and performance restoration, extending component life up to 50%. Then there are the Rebuild and Reman options. End-to-end rebuild gives components a second life with a 12-month warranty. Or replace it with Cat Reman products, offering genuine parts remanufactured to like-new quality and performance at a fraction of the cost of new parts. This flexibility extends to different levels of rebuilds, from component refurbishments to complete machine overhauls.

While Cat Certified Rebuilds adhere to factory standards, Mantrac also offers dealer rebuilds that provide customers with greater flexibility and alignment with their specific needs. Both options aim to restore equipment to optimal working condition, prolonging its operational lifespan and enhancing performance.

Dedicated facilities and support

With CRCs strategically located in Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania, Mantrac ensure prompt and efficient service to its customers across East and West Africa. With the use of sophisticated diagnostic tools, machines are disassembled and inspected, worn-out parts are replaced, and equipment is reassembled to like-new condition.

It is this thorough repair and rebuild process that Mantrac provides customers the assurance of maximum equipment performance and longevity. By leveraging Caterpillar’s expertise and industry-leading standards, Mantrac helps businesses both big and small minimise downtime, greatly reduce repair costs and optimise their operational efficiency.

This article is sponsored by Mantrac. Find out more about Mantrac’s Repair and Rebuild offering at

The hydrogen-powered T 264 haul truck prototype at Fortescue’s facility in Perth. (Image source: Liebherr)


The Liebherr and Fortescue hydrogen-powered T 264 haul truck prototype has been operated for the first time in a significant achievement for both companies

The truck, known as Europa, contains a 1.6MWh battery and 500KW of fuel cells. It can store more than 380 kg of liquid hydrogen.

“With Europa soon moving to site, Liebherr and Fortescue have taken an important step closer to their common target of developing and building zero emission solutions for the mining industry that are both field proven and energy agnostic,” commented Joerg Lukowski, vice president of sales and marketing for Liebherr Mining. “This success demonstrates the incredible capabilities of two Tier 1 companies working together to develop viable technologies today that can help the mining industry move towards a decarbonised future.”

Fortescue Metals CEO, Dino Otranto, remarked, “Following the success of our battery electric haul truck prototype at site, we’re thrilled to now have Europa up and running on hydrogen. This is a huge achievement for the team and brings Fortescue another step closer to having a fleet of zero emission trucks at our sites by the end of this decade.

“We’re aiming to transport Europa to our mining operations within the coming weeks where it will then undergo further site-based testing and commissioning. The subsequent test results will inform our future fleet of zero emissions trucks that we’re delivering with Liebherr.”

There has been a number of initiatives from top manufacturing companies to incorpoate hydrogen in their offerings including from Bobcat and Caterpillar

The agreement was signed at the Africa CEO Forum. (Image source: Spiro)


Spiro, thought to be Africa’s largest electric vehicle (EV) company, has set its sights on further expansion following the signing of a US$50mn debt facility with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), a pan-African supranational multilateral financial institution

The EV company has deployed more than 14,000 bikes and recorded more than nine million battery ‘swaps’ in the five countries it covers – Togo, Benin, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Its ultimate mission is to reduce environmental impact and enhance urban mobility across Africa by building an integrated EV ecosystem.

The signing ceremony between Spiro and Afreximbank was held in Kigali, Rwanda, during the Africa CEO Forum, and featured Kaushik Burman, CEO of Spiro, and Kanayo Awani, executive vice president of Afreximbank.

"This partnership affirms our commitment to fostering sustainable innovation and green technologies in Africa,” stated Awani. “The future of transportation lies in the use of electric vehicles and as demand for clean energy solutions soars, support towards companies like Spiro is crucial for accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and reduction of carbon emissions. This collaboration not only aligns with our values of sustainability and responsible banking but also reaffirms our belief in the power of innovation to create a better world for future generations."

Towards a sustainable Africa

The newly available funds will allow Spiro to further expand its network of automated swap stations as well as introducing new electric bike models.

"This partnership with Afreximbank is a pivotal development for Spiro,” Burman commented. “The US$50mn debt facility will significantly enhance our operational capabilities and help us expand our footprint to more African countries. It’s a testament to the confidence in our business model and our contribution to sustainable development in Africa."

Last year, African Review spoke to Jules Samain of Spiro to learn more about the company’s journey and ambitions. Discover the full interview at:

Lorenzo Pellegrino, chief operating and digital officer, and Juan Pablo Jutgla, CEO. (Image source: PayRetailers)


Leading payment processor for Latin America, PayRetailers, has announced its expansion to Africa in a bid to offer a unified payment solution to support online merchants

The company has indicated that it will activate its payment processing functions in Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania, offering a user-friendly and scalable business experience to businesses looking to grow their regional operations. This will also provide them access to major local methods such as SPENN, Airtel and MTN, in what has been described as a ‘game changer for cross-border online merchants looking at Africa as their next move for strategic growth’.

“As a part of our strategic expansion, we are extending our coverage to four markets in Africa, at least to start with,” Lorenzo Pellegrino, chief operating & digital officer at the fintech, commented. “Over the coming months, we plan to steadily expand our operation in the continent, which is experiencing incredible growth in the payments industry and has massive potential for merchants looking to diversify and broaden their consumer base. Using the stellar and continuous growth we have experienced in LATAM as our guide, we are well-poised to help businesses thrive faster and more sustainably.”

Africa’s blossoming market

PayRetailers indicated that it has taken this step on account of the increasingly connected market in Africa and is hoping to contribute to this exciting era of prosperity.

“We recognise the immense potential and significance of venturing into these dynamic markets,” added Juan Pablo Jutgla, CEO of PayRetailers. “Each new addition to our market coverage is a gateway into untapped opportunities and strengthened partnerships, ensuring our sustained growth and global relevance. Our imminent expansion into additional countries across West, North, and southern Africa underscores our commitment to empowering our clients and connecting them with diverse consumer bases across the continent.”

From May onward, businesses will be able to operate in the region using PayRetailers for their online users and the company has stated that further expansion plans already in stow for the coming months.

According to Danfoss, BOCK’s renowned compressors are a natural fit for its existing solutions range. (Image source: Danfoss)


Danfoss, an engineering group providing solutions to increase machine productivity, reduce emissions, lower energy consumption and enable electrification, has finalised the acquisition of BOCK GmbH to firm up its position in Africa as a preferred provider of energy-efficient solutions

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