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Achieving optimum concrete protection

In a comprehensive webinar hosted by African Review, a panel of professionals associated with Convergent Group explored new generation lithium silicate technology and why it is emerging as the optimum solution for concrete floor protection.

Robert Daniels, editor of African Review, was joined by Jean-Claude Biard, CEO of Convergent Group; Mputu Schmidt, former CEO of Convergent and founder of Bondeko MB, an exclusive distributor of Convergent; Hicham Sofyani, president of Texol; Carlos Garcia, technical and sales for ADI Group; and Marc Puig, commercial manager of Comace Import.

Each providing a unique angle, the panellists combined to provide a masterclass around concrete treatments and the increasing challenges around them, explaining to attendees how to choose the right formula for their requirements and touching on issues such as why lithium densifiers are better than sodium and potassium densifiers. 

Throughout the session, those watching were treated to informative case studies showcasing how Convergent eco-friendly products are increasing abrasion resistance, raising ease of maintenance, and ensuring the highest quality gloss retention. 

By the end of the webinar, a majority of attendees (many of which had not had much experience with Convergent) expressed their interest in using the company’s new generation lithium silicate technology with the rest indicating their desire to learn more about Convergent and its products. Watch the webinar, in full, to discover why viewers were convinced and learn more about advanced floor care solutions for your operations.

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