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The Liebherr LTM 1400-6.1 is characterised by its high lifting capacities and 70 m telescopic boom. (Image source: Liebherr)

Liebherr has launched the new LTM 1400-6.1, described by the leading manufacturer as “the world’s most powerful 6-axle crane”

The new machine presents an upgrade to its predecessor, the LTM 1350-6.1, with major differences particularly around the assembly process for the Y-guying system. With one self-assembly lift, the LTM 1400-6.1 places the guying system on the chassis, where it is then pinned in place. The hydraulic quick coupling closes automatically when the boom is luffed down between the two Y-frames. The electrical connection is established with one final movement and the telescopic boom with Y-guying is ready for use in just a few minutes.

Various lattice jibs enable the new crane to work efficiently in a wide range of applications. The fixed lattice jib extends the telescopic boom by up to 45.5 m and can be mounted at an angle of 0°, 10°, 20° and 40°. As an option, the fixed jib can be adjusted between 0° and 40°. The luffing lattice jib, with a length ranging from 14 m to 80.5 m, delivers maximum height, radius and performance.

The total available ballast for the new LTM 1400-6.1 consists of 100 tonnes of basic ballast and 40 tonnes of additional ballast. The hydraulic ballasting device is integrated in the counterweight frame – ballast assembly is simple, quick and does not require an auxiliary crane. The VarioBallast system is fundamentally different to the one found on the predecessor model. The 140 tonnes of total ballast can now be set to a radius of 7.7 m to achieve the higher lifting capacity. In confined spaces, the ballast radius can be reduced to 5.6 m. The counterweight plates are compatible with those found on other large Liebherr cranes.

The variable VarioBase supporting system ensures additional versatility. In addition to the option of flexibly using the predefined support positions with pinning options of 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%, the sliding beams can now also be freely extended between 0% and 50%. Until now, this was only possible on mobile cranes with up to five axles.

The 400-tonne crane is powered by the Liebherr single-engine concept and a mechanical drive for the superstructure. An eight-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine with 455 kW / 619 h.p. and 3,067 Nm of torque ensures a powerful travel drive.

Liebherr has developed different driving conditions to ensure worldwide, economical mobility. With an axle load of 12 tonnes, the LTM 1400-6.1 with telescopic boom and detachable hook block has an overall length of 17.8 m. On the construction site, the 400-tonne machine can be driven with 10 tonnes of ballast, a three-line hook block and Y-guying with an axle load of less than 16.5 tonnes. Equipment can be removed for road journeys requiring lower axle loads.

Liebherr has also taken pains to ensure safety in ensured at all times when the machinery is being operated. This includes the installation of various driver assistance systems to increase road safety, especially for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. For example, the Blind Spot Information System warns the crane driver when someone is in the vehicle's blind spot, particularly when the crane is turning. The moving off information system also provides a visual and acoustic warning if someone is in front of the crane.

The Carmix Academy 2024 event confirmed the company’s commitment to constant training and the support to its partners. (Image source: Carmix)

From 27 May to 1 of June 2024, Carmix Academy event, a recurring meeting with this year's theme ‘I’m a Carmix Lover', was held in Peru

The initiative reunited clients, sellers, and dealers in an educational and convivial experience, strengthening the relationship between the company and its partners.

Carmix Academy started in Lima, with a first training day dedicated to sellers. During this session, the participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Carmix products, improving their technical and commercial skills to offer a service increasingly qualified.

The second day was characterised by a convivial barbecue with clients. This informal moment favoured the dialogue and exchange of ideas among the participants, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and friendship.

The participants moved to Cusco on the third day, where the land for the technical and commercial activities was prepared. On the fourth day, the dealers arrived, marking the beginning of the Academy. After a combined session between technicians and sales managers, the group was divided into two sectors to deepen specific aspects.

The fifth day represented the peak of the event, with a practical test of Carmix’ machines. The participants had the opportunity to test directly the products, verifying their performances and learning the best techniques for their use. The day came to an end with a final party, an occasion to celebrate the success of the event and to strengthen the relationships between the participants.

The Carmix Academy 2024 event confirmed once again the company’s commitment to constant training and the support to its partners, reinforcing the Carmix brand name as the leader in the concrete mixers sector.

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The opening demonstration closed with the message 'Change starts with us'. (Image source: ACP)

Volvo Construction Equipment has unveiled an ambitious product line-up in a bid to drive the construction and mining industry forward, empowering it to take a leading role in meeting the societal challenges of the future

This impressive launch was revealed at the company’s major showcase, Volvo Days, which is being held in Eskilstuna, Sweden. As the first event held here since the company officially moved its headquarters to the location outside Stockholm, the leading manufacturer of equipment in construction and related industries invited members of the international press to kick-off its flagship customer event.

Before the official press event and demonstrations on 29 May, the reporters in attendance – including African Review’s Robert Daniels – were treated to dinner at the birthplace of Volvo CE, the Munktell Museum. This presented the opportunity to learn about the landmark innovations that have been in its journey since its conception in 1832, before a lively dinner presided over by live music and introductory comments by members of the Volvo CE family.

The next morning, the showcase at Volvo CE headquarters began in earnest with a remarkable spectacle of operational excellence. On the field, drivers pirouetted a range of the latest company machinery in front of the on-looking crowd, performing tricks from synchronised excavations to an articulated hauler driving on its side. It was a display that demonstrated both the incredible skillset of the operators, and the versatility of the machinery in a bid to convey the message that was pushed at the presentations finale: ‘change starts with us’.

A Volvo CE articulated hauler riding on its side wheels with help from an excavator.

A new line-up launched

After heart rates returned to normal, the visitors were invited to a press conference hosted by senior company executives who outlined the innovations that are entering the market. This line-up, described as probably the most ambitious in the company’s history, comes off the back of an incredibly “strong” 2023 – Volvo Group as a whole marked a record year in its annual report and defined the period as one of ‘growth and improved profitability’. Further, as explained by Melker Jernberg, President of Volvo Construction Equipment, the revamped portfolio is being released as part of the company’s investment to be ready for change, contending with the various political, economic, social and technological drivers that are shaping the global business landscape (a particular emphasis was placed on the increasingly influential environmental playing field, with more and more companies committing to science-based targets to cut emissions). As such the company is executing a strategy – in collaboration with its partners which stretch across the value chain – to introduce new technologies, sustainable powered models and smarter solutions in order to remain competitive in the ever-evolving global playing field and ‘perform to transform the future’.

The pursuit of this ambition has led to the design and release of an exciting line-up. This included a new generation of excavators in the form of the Volvo EC500, EC400 and EC230; the launch of the R60 and R70 rigid haulers; a selection of new battery electric equipment such as the EWR150 Electric wheeled excavator, alongside the L90 Electric and L120 Electric wheel loaders; and the launch of the PU40 mobile power unit, an additional charging solution helping to support the company’s growing electric portfolio.

Those in attendance were also treated to a look at the new A40 articulated hauler arriving later this year, not to mention an overview of the company’s blossoming digital support which has been expanded through the release of the new My Equipment web-based app.

At home in Africa

A big focus of the reveal was the development of electrical machinery and equipment that was being delivered, in part, in line with net zero ambitions. With this representing a relatively nascent market on the African continent, African Review sat down with Joakim Arndorw, head of sales region international, to explore how Volvo CE is bringing together the ambition of having 35% of machines sales electric by 2030 with the reality of meeting African demands.

“I think there is a lot of development going on in Africa,” Arndorw remarked. “The whole green transition demands more minerals (amongst others demands) which are available in Africa, making the continent important for us going forward. We are strong in traditional mining income countries in Africa and, through our retail partners, our intention is to develop further. There is a perception that sustainability is not so interesting for Africa. I would disagree. Big mining companies, for example, are definitely on decarbonisation journeys and they are asking us how we can them to do so, including in Africa.

“Volvo’s vision – the wider group’s vision – is that everything we sell should be net zero by 2040. A big part of that will be an electrified produce range through battery electric, fuel cell electric and grid-connected electric equipment. But we also understand that will not work for all markets, so we are also looking at other solutions with conventional combustion engines; with fuel that allows us to achieve that net zero ambition.”

Arndorw continued by noting that while battery electric machinery might be more limited in Africa and the challenge of weak grids is more pertinent on the continent, they are continuously working with companies there (especially in mining) to develop feasible solutions to ensure the green transition. Arndorw also nodded here to the potential of hydrogen-powered equipment which could have a big future in Africa if the production of this is ramped up here, as many commentators are expecting.

Overall, Arndorw made clear that Africa had played an important part in Volvo CE’s aforementioned success thus far (despite the number of machines sold being somewhat limited in relation to the European business for example) and it would remain a critical part of its (net-zero compliant) business plans going forward.

New generations for modern operations

As such, Arndorw pointed to features of the launch that would be particularly exciting for African customers. At the top of this list was the new range of Volvo CE excavators – the EC500, EC400 and EC230 – which boast a modern makeover and design to be more spacious, ergonomic and help customers achieve the best results at the lowest user cost possible. First introduced in Europe and Turkey, the machines have a range of cabin features to enhance operator experience ranging from a cool box to store items to a keyless engine start and always-on camera. Safety has been prioritised through the ability to pre-set limits on the boom’s depth, height and swing, alongside 360° visibility provided by Volvo Smart View with Obstacle clarification. Volvo CE has further highlighted the superior serviceability, enhanced precision and productivity, and improved fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership that makes the new machines a formidable new offering.

In discussing the excavators, Arndorw explained that this represented a two generation step for African users from the D series which is being sold in the region currently. “This next generation will have the option of either having a high-regulated market spec or a less-regulated market spec. It is important to note that this new generation will enable it with all the digital services and support that we have in Europe today.”

The new Volvo CE EC500 excavator on the top of a hill.

At the behest of Arndorw, African Review also paid a special visit to the all-new, 100% HVO compatible A40 articulated hauler that was on display and would be released soon. The new machine is being delivered to continue Volvo CE’s legacy as an industry pioneer of articulated haulers and was accompanied by company specialists at Volvo Days. These personnel explained that one of the fundamental advancements in the model is a new design with features a new entrance on the side rather than in the back corner (as sported by the A40G) and a more heavily-sloped hood to ensure far greater visibility and – therefore – safety in operations. This is also aided by the addition of extra lighting around the machine, which provide the dual benefit of also enabling the ability to perform maintenance in the dark. Further, in performing such activities, users will appreciate the gathering of features into service centres around the vehicle and easy access under the hood (where all filters are in front of the engine).

As the on-site specialist explained, every change to the A40 has been implemented with “serviceability and safety in mind”, a message that could certainly be applied to all of the new solutions unveiled in Sweden. The new ranges which incorporate such considerations in their product design while ensuring maximum performance, “prove that Volvo CE is well-equipped to respond to the different needs of our customers in both regulated and less regulated markets, leveraging our strength to implement meaningful innovation across all our offerings as we move closer towards our ambition for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040,” as Arndorw stated in the company’s accompanying press release.

A behind the cab image of the new Volvo CE A40.

Bobcat Demo Days invite guests to gain insights into the manufacturer’s latest advancements through hands-on interaction with machines and detailed factory tours. (Image source: Bobcat)

More than 700 customers, dealers, suppliers, and journalists from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) are converging at Doosan Bobcat EMEA’s campus in Dobříš, Czechia, for Bobcat Demo Days 2024 

From 21 May to 5 June, attendees will enjoy unprecedented access to the organisation’s comprehensive equipment lineup during ten intensive full-day experiences.

Bobcat Demo Days 2024 provides participants the chance to closely examine several of the manufacturer’s cutting-edge innovations, including the TL25.60e electric telehandler concept, the RogueX2 concept loader, Operator Presence technology, the Pedestrian Detection Camera, and next-generation Digital Access software.

Launched in the EMEA region in 2011, Bobcat Demo Days invite guests to gain insights into the manufacturer’s latest advancements through hands-on interaction with machines and detailed factory tours. This year’s edition showcases over 90 demo models, featuring Bobcat’s newest lineup of material handling units, skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, mini-excavators, telehandlers, ground maintenance equipment, light compaction models, and more.

Jan Moravec, vice-president of Product at Bobcat EMEA, stated, “Bobcat Demo Days 2024 will allow visitors to gain firsthand experience of our latest innovations, products, attachments, and services, while providing a golden opportunity for our team members to engage with Bobcat’s community from all over the EMEA region. These invitation-only events are among the most anticipated fixtures in our annual calendar, and we can’t wait to give this year’s guests some hands-on time with our full equipment lineup.”

A suite of industry-leading innovations

Bobcat Demo Days 2024 is showcasing several cutting-edge, industry-leading innovations, including the TL25.60e electric telehandler concept. This model, still in development and not yet commercially available, features a rated capacity of 2.5 tonnes and a lifting height of almost 6 m, matching the performance of its diesel-powered equivalent. Equipped with three separate electric motors designed for maximum efficiency, a hydrostatic transmission to enhance performance, a top speed of 25 km/h, and the same compact dimensions as the conventional Bobcat TL25.60, this innovative electric concept offers low noise levels, minimal operating costs, and impressive versatility. This marks the first time Bobcat has allowed customers and partners to interact with the TL25.60e concept.

Attendees will also experience Bobcat’s transparent OLED (T-OLED) screen technology, developed in collaboration with LG and BSI Research. T-OLED enables operators to access various functionalities without diverting their eyes from the worksite, providing unparalleled clarity, responsiveness, and visibility. It also supports advanced applications like real-time virtual reality (VR) simulations for utility line mapping.

Another innovation on display is the RogueX2 concept skid-steer loader, although attendees won’t be able to enter the machine’s cab as it doesn’t have one. This autonomous, all-electric model serves as a proving ground for technologies within Bobcat’s innovation roadmap, offering a glimpse into future loaders designed to facilitate a new work experience for users.

Vijay Nerva, innovation lead at Bobcat EMEA, commented, “The RogueX2 produces zero emissions thanks to its lithium-ion battery, electric drive system, and electric-actuated lift and tilt kinematics with no hydraulics. A follow-up to the RogueX introduced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, the RogueX2 is a skid-steer version with wheels instead of tracks to optimise its electric battery runtime, and its axial flux motors deliver incredible tractive effort.”

Bobcat will also showcase its Operator Presence technology, a concept currently in development for excavator models. Operator Presence uses a 3D time-of-flight (ToF) camera—advanced technology typically found in autonomous vehicles, robotics, gesture recognition, and VR—to enhance safety by monitoring users’ movements and the cabin environment. By actively tracking the operator's presence and interactions within the cabin, the system can prevent unintended machine actions, ensuring a safer work environment, especially in close quarters. It can detect multiple occupants, instantly disable workgroups to avoid accidents, and recognise when a joystick is released, deactivating the associated workgroup while maintaining drive. These proactive safety measures aim to minimize the risk of accidents, improve operator control, and enhance overall worksite efficiency.

Guests at Bobcat Demo Days 2024 will also witness the Pedestrian Detection Camera in action. The device’s software can differentiate between humans and their surroundings using AI-enabled processing capabilities, reducing unnecessary operator alerts. The innovation’s database can identify humans in various postures and positions, including standing, kneeling, crouching, sitting, with their backs turned, and even when they are only partially visible.

Bobcat will also demonstrate its Digital Access software, an advanced system allowing operators to use smartphones as ‘keys’ to specific machines. This provides an alternative to existing passcode entry functionality and ensures units understand user preferences before work begins. This innovation also enables fleet owners to lock out certain functionalities or attachments according to employees’ skill sets.

These six innovations are the latest in a series of advanced solutions Bobcat has developed to help customers achieve more.

Hands-on time with Bobcat’s latest machines

Bobcat Demo Days 2024 will feature several newly introduced machines, including the M-Series S630 and S650 Stage V skid-steer loaders designed for European markets. These models’ D24 engines, with Bosch fuel-injection systems, deliver superior performance while meeting strict emission regulations, showcasing Bobcat’s commitment to sustainable operations.

This year’s event also features Bobcat’s new lineup of rotary telehandlers, offering unmatched visibility with the manufacturer’s patented panoramic cab. The latest range includes nine Stage V models with lifting heights from 18 to 39 m for European markets, and four Stage IIIA machines with lifting heights from 18 to 26 m for the Middle East and Africa.

Bobcat’s PG40 and PG50 generators will be showcased this year in Dobříš. These units represent a leap in portable power solutions, offering advantages like optional running gear for easy transportation and ‘Liquid Heat,’ a low-load management system designed to reduce downtime and provide peace of mind. Powered by Stage V HDI D24 engines, these eco-conscious models combine increased power with lower fuel consumption.

The PA12.7v compressor will also be featured at Bobcat Demo Days 2024. This portable variable pressure compressor uses a FlexAir system, allowing it to operate between 5.5 to 12.1 bar and offering free air deliveries from 5.2 to 7 m3 per minute. This versatility makes the PA12.7v suitable for a wide range of applications.

Additionally, Bobcat is demonstrating how its construction lineup is achieving greater sustainability. The manufacturer’s mini-excavators, skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, telehandlers, rotary telehandlers, mini track loaders, and forklifts are approved for use with HVO biofuel and other EN 15940 standard paraffinic fuels.

Bobcat’s entire range in a single location

Bobcat Demo Days 2024 offers attendees an unprecedented opportunity to experience the company’s full equipment lineup in one location.

“We are immensely excited to welcome our guests to Dobříš this year, as they will have an unprecedented opportunity to get hands-on time with Bobcat’s newly expanded range,” Jan Moravec added. “Our team has introduced a diverse selection of models over the past 12 months, and we are looking forward to giving our customers and partners the chance to try out Bobcat’s latest advancements in person.

The AfDB is supporting the federal and state governments to improve the national and states’ infrastructure. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has announced an investment of US$1.44bn to redress the infrastructure deficit currently strangling the West African country

This was disclosed at the Nasarawa Investment Summit 2024 by AfDB’s Nigeria Country Department director general, Lamin Barrow who explained that this deficit is restricting the country’s efforts to diversify its non-oil production and achieve international competitiveness for exports.

“To address this problem, the African Development Bank is supporting the federal and state governments to improve the national and states’ infrastructure. As of April 2024, 31% of the Bank’s active portfolio, valued at US$1.44bn, is supporting infrastructure development in Nigeria,” Barrow commented in a speech read on behalf of the group’s president, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina. He added that, in order to achieve an industrial renaissance, Nasarawa State and Nigeria must accelerate domestic resource mobilisation; boost agriculture sector productivity; develop value chains and supportive infrastructure; enhance de-risk investments; prioritise natural resource value addition and beneficiation; strengthen institutional capacity and bridge the skills mismatch to enhance youth employability.

As such, the investment will be deployed to support the development of energy, transport, water and sanitation infrastructure in Nigeria.

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