The webinar was held to explore the evolution of concrete flooring in Africa. (Image source: Alain Charles Publishing)

In the final webinar of its African Review-hosted 2023 campaign, Convergent Group explored its modern, eco-friendly concrete solutions for African projects

The webinar explored whether established solutions can effectively tackle the mounting challenges tied to the management of concrete surfaces. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

In a comprehensive webinar hosted by African Review, a panel of professionals associated with Convergent Group explored new generation lithium silicate technology and why it is emerging as the optimum solution for concrete floor protection

The experts discussed the latest cost-effective application methods for long lasting finishing of concrete. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Convergent, in association with African Review, has held a detailed webinar exploring the usage and effectiveness of lithium silicates and densifiers over traditional methods of concrete surface management which often struggle to meet the increasing challenges posed by concrete surface management

AVEVA is empowering mining companies to embrace digital transformation and achieve their ESG goals efficiently. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Presenting on an African Review-hosted webinar, Martin Provencher, global industry principal for mining, metals and materials at AVEVA, explored the digital transformation of mining operations and its impact on sustainability

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