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Protecting concrete floors with lithium-based sealers

Convergent Group produces and distributes its products worldwide through its distribution network. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

On 7 March 2023, Convergent Group hosted a webinar exploring whether lithium-based sealers and hardeners are useful for protecting concrete floors

To answer this question, Convergent Group SA chief executive officer, Mputu Schmidt was joined by Jean-Claude Biard, senior executive officer of Convergent Group SA who introduced the company by remarking, “Convergent Group was the first company in the world to produce lithium silicate hardener for concrete floors and we produce and distribute our products worldwide through our distribution network.”

He continued to outline the numerous industries that it serves – from aviation to automobiles – and added, “where you have concrete, you can put our product.”

Among topics outlined by the representatives were how lithium silicates and hardeners work on industrial concrete floors and why lithium densifiers are better than sodium and potassium densifiers. In the case of the latter, the company SEO noted that with lithium silicate you can increase the hardness of the surface between 18% and 25% and it avoids the high maintenance that sodium silicate produces due to the chemical reaction with the floor.

Following the opening remarks, attendees were treated to detailed case studies presented by distributors from select countries. These included, Daniel Mende, exclusive distributor for Germany at Convergent Group SA; Matteo Mozzarelli, exclusive distributor for Italy at Convergent Group SA; and Carlos Garcia, exclusive distributor for Spain at Convergent Group SA.

In one of these examples – which particularly highlighted the versatility of the product – Mozzarelli went through how an Italian food logistics company utilised Convergent’s solution for their main hub in northern Italy.

“This is a really futuristic building in terms of equipment, technology and software. The owner required a very strong floor with low maintenance and easy to use. We immediately proposed polished concrete.”

Convergent one the job after offering the strongest option in all the points the client was targeting and Mozzarelli proceeded to outline the process of application for the product. After one year of use (which facilitated accidents such as broken wine bottles and equipment use on top) Mozzarelli was happy to note there were no scratches to be found and the client was happy with the easy of cleaning – all that was required was water and a bit of detergent.

Watch the full presentation with all unique, detailed cased studies in the webinar below: