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Why lithium-based sealers and hardeners are useful for protecting concrete floors

In the latest African Review-hosted webinar, a group of experienced panellists from Convergent Group and its South African distributor, Technical Finishes, answered vital questions around lithium-based hardeners and explored why they surpass traditional alternatives

Sharing their insights on the topic was Jean-Claude Biard, SEO and founder of Convergent; Renaud Lievin, sale & technical at Convergent; Pantxika Sanchez product engineer at Convergent; and Ian Harrison, managing director of Technical Finishes. 

Each contributed to an in-depth session that explored the latest application methods to ensure long-lasting finishing for concrete to reduce maintenance and avoid repair costs before surveying the solutions offered by Convergent to help enhance abrasion resistance, reduce stains and ensure the highest caliber of gloss retention.  

This was followed by a lively Q&A session with each panellist diligently fielding and answering comments, points and questions posed by the watching audience in real-time. 

Watch the full webinar and be sure to reach out for further clarification.