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In the final webinar of its African Review-hosted 2023 campaign, Convergent Group explored its modern, eco-friendly concrete solutions for African projects

Such solutions – delivered to cut maintenance costs by eliminating hazardous silicate products – were showcased by company experts in the form of Jean-Claude Biard, SEO of Convergent Group SA; Mputu Schmidt, former CEO of Convergent Group SA and founder of Bondeko MB (exclusive distributor of Convergent Group in Africa); Carlos Garcia, technical and sales for ADI Group (Spanish distributor for Convergent Group); and Amritpal Singh Sura, external consultant for flooring treatments, former distributor of Convergent products in the Middle East.

“A number of projects we were doing in the Middle East required protection,” remarked Sura. “Longevity of protection requires a system which basically impregnates and becomes a densified surface as opposed to something which is topical and lifts off due to moisture migration. I found that being exposed to Convergent, it was important to stay focused on those systems in the Middle East. Jean-Claude, Mputu and I met several times in Dubai and there was emphasis on providing systems which were affordable and still ending up having a robust, lasting longevity of product. So you are not spending money all the time in order to maintain the finishes which you have already paid for.”

Over the course of the session, the participants guided the audience through the potential of cutting-edge lithium silicate technology for enhancing the protection of concrete surfaces, maximising cost-effectiveness and meeting sustainability targets. 

In a comprehensive webinar hosted by African Review, a panel of professionals associated with Convergent Group explored new generation lithium silicate technology and why it is emerging as the optimum solution for concrete floor protection.

Robert Daniels, editor of African Review, was joined by Jean-Claude Biard, CEO of Convergent Group; Mputu Schmidt, former CEO of Convergent and founder of Bondeko MB, an exclusive distributor of Convergent; Hicham Sofyani, president of Texol; Carlos Garcia, technical and sales for ADI Group; and Marc Puig, commercial manager of Comace Import.

Each providing a unique angle, the panellists combined to provide a masterclass around concrete treatments and the increasing challenges around them, explaining to attendees how to choose the right formula for their requirements and touching on issues such as why lithium densifiers are better than sodium and potassium densifiers. 

Throughout the session, those watching were treated to informative case studies showcasing how Convergent eco-friendly products are increasing abrasion resistance, raising ease of maintenance, and ensuring the highest quality gloss retention. 

By the end of the webinar, a majority of attendees (many of which had not had much experience with Convergent) expressed their interest in using the company’s new generation lithium silicate technology with the rest indicating their desire to learn more about Convergent and its products. Watch the webinar, in full, to discover why viewers were convinced and learn more about advanced floor care solutions for your operations.

Presenting on an African Review-hosted webinar, Martin Provencher, global industry principal for mining, metals and materials at AVEVA, explored the digital transformation of mining operations and its impact on sustainability.

“Sustainability is becoming a key aspect for mining operations,” remarked Provencher. “If we look at the latest EY research on the top ten business risks and opportunities for mining and metals globally in 2023, ESG remains at the top. Of course, most companies have environmental goals or are expected to reach a net zero emission by 2050, which is a pretty aggressive target. Many of them are targeting 30% reduction by 2030; seven years from now. So there is a lot of action that needs to take place quickly to get there. It is possible to get there, but we need to make sure we are doing this correctly.”

Fast becoming a huge part of ESG initiatives is fleet electrification where particular progress is being made in underground mines. While some countries are certainly more advanced than others here, Provencher noted that 40% of total emissions from the mining industry come from diesel trucks, making EVs a very attractive low-hanging fruit for companies to pursue. 

There are, however, a number of challenges associated with bringing in electric vehicles which remains a barrier for introduction. One of the predominant reasons, is the limited range of EVs against diesel counterparts. To mitigate this, Provencher continued, data management is key and ensuring a strong grasp of real-time information coming in will show operators when machinery needs to be charged, allowing them to plan effectively for maximum efficiency on site.  

Indeed, this is but a small advantage that digitalisation can bring to the mining industry as it grapples to meet ESG goals while achieving production targets. By getting a better grip of their data and using it to empower tools such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and machine learning, companies can achieve tangible benefits such as reduce downtime, enhance worker safety, cut operating costs and, of course, ensure compliance with environmental regulations and targets. 

Through the course of the webinar, Provencher outlined this in more detail and explored AVEVA’s suite of cutting-edge software solutions, specifically designed to help mining companies make progress on their digitalisation journey and empower their operations. 

Watch the full webinar, completed with detailed case studies and an insightful Q&A session.

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