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Water & Environment

The Kandadji Project will supply water for irrigation, establish agri-business and improve food security. (Image source: IUCNweb/Flickr)

The World Bank have approved funds worth US$55.2mn from the International Development Association (IDA) to support the Kandadji Project in Niger

Pascal Lamy, former director general of WTO feels that overfishing in Gabon, Nigeria and South Africa have led to deterioration of oceans. (Image source: Moises.on/Flickr)

African nations are being called to approach the concept of water conservation more aggressively, as water resources steadily deplete in quality

The plan is expected to be implemented in four years at a total cost of US$61mn. (Image source: Frank Doyle/Flickr)

Senegal will receive an African Development Fund (AfDB) loan and grant amounting to a total of US$39.3mn for financing the country’s water and sanitation sector project (PSEA), that was launched in 2005

The World Bank said it would direct funds to the population in cities and state capitals in Nigeria. (Image source: Gonzopowers/Flickr)

The World Bank has approved a credit of US$250mn from the International Development Association to boost the Nigeria’s efforts to increase access to water supply services and improve existing water utilities

The Lesotho Highland Water Project will reportedly boost the supply of water to South Africa by 50 per cent. (Image source: Henri Bergius/Flickr)

The Phase-2 of the US$1.3bn Lesotho Highland Water Project will begin in April 2014 with the construction of the 155-metre high Polihali Dam and several tunnels

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