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SafeKey Lockout Padlock (Image credit: Brady Corporation)

Brady Corporation offers new, innovative SafeKey Lockout Padlocks to achieve the safest Lockout/Tagout procedures during maintenance operations. With 100,000 plus unique keys, the new locks can support large, company specific key hierarchies in which no two locks can be opened with the same key. Watch the video here to see how SafeKey works!

John Kwofie, country manager, SRK Ghana. (Image source: SRK Ghana)

The Ghana office of SRK Consulting is the springboard to West Africa for the engineering consultancy’s global network of engineers and scientists

A BTK worker using SPOTECH and Piero Torassa BKT engineer carrying out a spot check. (Image source: BTK)

Monitoring tools have been developed for the purpose of transforming subjective sensations on equipment performance into objective comparative data

The instrument also enables operators to control humidity in order to reduce wear in the CHP engines and process components. (Image source: Vaisala)

Vaisala, a Finnish-based environmental and industrial measurements manufacturer, has introduced the world’s first in situ 3-in-1 biogas measurement instrument for measuring methane, carbon dioxide and humidity in demanding environments

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