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Spiro is set to significantly expand its fleet of electric motorbikes in Benin and Togo. (Image source: Spiro)

Electric motorcycle, bike and scooter manufacturer, Spiro is making good progress on its vision of a world where everyone can access affordable and clean mobility solutions after unveiling plans to significantly expand its fleet in Togo and Benin 

On an average global route, 1.5 tonnes of fuel can be saved per WindWing per day, with the possibility of saving more on trans ocean routes. (Image source: Cargill)

A new lower-carbon path has been set ahead of the maritime industry with the debut of WindWings, large wing sails measuring up to 45 m in height that bring cutting-edge wind propulsion to commercial shipping

Up to 10,000 tonnes of copper concentrate will be transported to the port of Lobito in Q4 2023. (Image source: Ivanhoe Mines)

Ivanhoe Mines, a Canadian mining company with three principal projects in southern Africa, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Lobito Atlantic International SARL (LAI) to transport Kamoa-Kakula copper concentrate by rail to the Atlantic Ocean port of Lobito, Angola

Picture of the first test drive using the RBTS system. (Image source: TII SCHEUERLE)

TII SCHEUERLE, an industry partner and specialist in heavy transport, has handed over six complete RBTS dolly systems to South African-based Vanguard, an industrial relocation and installation specialist

Spiro aims to replace combustion engines with clean electric alternatives. (Image source: Spiro)

Electric motorcycle and scooter manufacturer Spiro, is set to expand its fleet of electric motorbikes, batteries and swap stations in Benin and Togo

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