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As of the start of 2024, Bboxx has impacted the lives of more than 3.6 million people. (Image source: Bboxx)

Bboxx, a data-driven super platform, has reiterated its dedication to Africa and commitment to being an Africa-first by moving its headquarters from London to Kigali

The partnership has been described as both a technological advancement and catalyst for continental workforce development. (Image source: ReElement Technologies)

ReElement Technologies Corporation, a provider of high performance refining capacity of rare earth and critical battery elements, has signed an MoU with Afrivolt, a pioneer in developing large industrial projects, to support the build-out of Africa’s regional and global lithium-ion battery supply chains

Renewables will make up one-third of total electricity generation by early 2025. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

According to the IEA’s Electricity 2024 report, global electricity demand is expected to increase by an average of 3.4% from 2024 to 2026 after easing to 2.2% in 2023

Rider Steel will offset 49,900 tons of CO2 over the system’s 20-year lifetime. (Image source: Daystar)

Daystar Power, a hybrid solar energy provider and member of the Shell Group, has commissioned a 4.3MW grid-tied solar system for Rider Steel’s Kumasi factory

Neosun carries out solar projects worldwide but retains a focus on remote African regions. (Image source: Neosun)

Neosun Energy, a global company focused on the construction of solar power stations and battery storage solutions, has become the latest renewable energy provider to enter the South African market 

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