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Inttras analysis revealed that MCC Transport, Maersk, Safmarine, United Arab Shipping Company and Hamburg Sud have the fastest response rates. (Image source: Lance Cunningham/Flickr)

Inttra, a leading multi-carrier e-commerce network for ocean shipping, has ranked five ocean carriers that lead the way in responsiveness via e-booking for shipping services

Moroccan port authorities are encouraging public-private partnerships to increase investments in the country’s ports. (Image source: Mhobl/Flickr)

The Moroccan Transport Ministry has revealed that the country’s Tanger-Med and Casablanca ports are likely to receive investment worth US$8bn to improve their infrastructure

Experts have predicted that there could be a major shift in trade flow in EAC, favouring Tanzania. (Image source: Embassy of Equatorial Guinea/Flickr)

China’s Export Import Bank has announced its support to the development of the US$11bn Bagamoyo Port in Tanzania

With the new container terminal, Abidjan Ports capacity would increase significantly. (Image source: Christian Lambert/Flickr)

Three banks have raised US$272mn to construct a second container terminal at the Abidjan Port in Côte d’Ivoire

The seaport is expected to improve ease of doing business for importers and exporters in Abia State, Nigeria. (Image source: Roger Wollstadt/Flickr)

The government of Abia State in Nigeria has announced plans to build a seaport at Obuaku city in Ukwa West, to boost commercial and economic activities in the region

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