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Water & Environment

Dust explosion incidents releases small particles like chemicals and metal dusts in large volumes. (Image source: DNV GL)

DNV GL has partnered with Gexcon in a collaborative project to investigate dust explosions at a larger scale and produce new guidelines for industry on how best to mitigate these events

The filling of the Lauca reservoir is scheduled to be completed by 2018, after reaching the maximum level of 850m. (Image source: Sarangib/Pixabay)

The Lauca dam in Angola has started producing electricity for the country’s national electricity grid ahead of time, thus adding to the Angolan government’s objective to diversify economy and meet increasing energy demand of a growing population

According to the WHO report, in Tanzania, 27 Million Tanzanians have access to basic water services. (Image source: Shutterstock)

One in two people in Tanzania has access to basic water services according to a new report released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNICEF 

The Ethiopia-Djibouti water project is classified as one of the largest water projects in Africa. (Image source: Tim Green/Flickr)

The Ethiopia-Djibouti cross border potable water project is ready to start operation in about three months, with expecting to provide safe drinking water to more than 700,000 Djibouti nationals

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