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Coca-Cola South Africa will be expected to offer its beverage in the new cans from late 2013. (Image source: Simon Shek/Flickr)

Bevcan, a subsidiary of South African packaging firm Nampak Group, has announced it will produce and supply lightweight aluminium cans for Coca-Cola in South Africa as part of a five-year contract worth US$632mn

Chinese firm Afrochine Smelting will invest about US$2 million to construct two smelters in Zimbabwe for processing chrome ore into high-carbon ferrochrome, low-carbon ferrochrome and ferrosilicon chrome

The Tanzania government will step up its attempts to monitor the scrap metal business. (Image source: GrandCanyon/Flickr)

Tanzanias government has announced plans to step up it supervision of the scrap metal business in order to prevent illegal scrap metal dealing, which is resulting in the vandalism of infrastructure in various parts of the country

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