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Nampak subsidiary awarded US$632 million Coca-Cola contract

Coca-Cola South Africa will be expected to offer its beverage in the new cans from late 2013. (Image source: Simon Shek/Flickr)

Bevcan, a subsidiary of South African packaging firm Nampak Group, has announced it will produce and supply lightweight aluminium cans for Coca-Cola in South Africa as part of a five-year contract worth US$632mn

According to Bevcan, Coca-Cola Canners, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola South Africa, will release the new cans in Gauteng from late 2013, with the rest of the country following in 2014.

In line with global trends, Bevcan will be replacing its production line of tin-plated steel beverage cans with aluminium-bodied cans.

Bevcan managing director Erik Smuts said, “Our infrastructure investment for this project includes the installation of a new high-speed line at one of our Gauteng plants, which is due for commissioning in May 2013.”

About 70 per cent of the beverage cans produced initially by Bevcan are expected to be 100 per cent aluminium.

Bevcan said the new aluminium can will be light and easy to carry, appealing to the environmentally-conscious consumer. As the cans will be lightweight, less fuel and energy will be required for their transportation.

Aluminium products supplier for can-ends and tabs Hulamin signed a two-and-a-half-year aluminium sheeting supply contract with Bevcan in 2012.

At present, South Africa's soft drinks and beer cans are produced with a steel body and aluminium can-ends and tabs.

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