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Caterpillar launches new Cat C2.8 and C3.6 IPUs

The new C2.8 and C3.6 IPU engines are engineered to provide efficiency in performance. (Image source: Caterpillar)

Caterpillar has launched a range of drop-in engines, which are ready to get to work straight away, thanks to their ease of installation and dependable and robust design

The new Cat C2.8 and C3.6 industrial power units (IPU) feature a highly integrated design that saves customers time on engineering and installation. Common rail direct injection engines with a turbocharged or turbocharged aftercooled air system, the C2.8 and C3.6 meet EU Stage V, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final) emission standards. 

For ease of installation, the IPUs which are targeted at the construction and materials handling industries, provide customers with full aftertreatment mounting, an integrated cooling system, a full wiring harness and mounting for the ECM and fuel filter

The new C2.8 and C3.6 IPU engines are engineered to provide efficiency in performance, while saving equipment manufacturers time with a plug in and go design, meaning minimal engineering or design work. The engines are offered in ratings ranging up to 55 kW (74 hp) at 2400 rpm for the C2.8 and up to 100 kW (134 hp) at 2200 rpm for the C3.6. 

A flexible design makes these lightweight and compact engines ideal for use in construction and materials handling, and across different environments, be it for a compressor in Dubai or a crusher in Norway.

“We’re really pleased to launch these new IPUs,” said Steve Ferguson, vice-president, Industrial Power Systems. “We know our customers will really value these compact and highly integrated engines, which thanks to the minimal engineering required, are ready to be put to work.”