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Tietto Minerals, a West African gold explorer and developer, has commenced wet commissioning at its  4.5 Mtpa  CIL  processing system at its 3.45 oz Abujar Gold Project in Côte d’Ivoire

AdobeStock 168263360.jpgaFollowing this announcement, a first gold pour is expected soon. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Tietto managing director, Caigen Wang, said, “To build a gold mine the size of Abujar in less than  12 months is a monumental achievement. To do it during Covid-19 with supply chain issues, escalated pricing and skilled people shortage made it,  almost,  mission  impossible.  Our  in‐house  construction  team  has  demonstrated  it  can  be  delivered  through careful planning, diligent management and hard work. 

“I  would  like  to  thank  our  mine  construction  team,  ESG  team,  mining  team,  contractors  and  consultants, local communities, government authorities at various levels and many more. We would also like to thank our shareholders who have put us in a position where we have no debt,  zero hedging and in a position to produce c.260,000 ounces in the first 12 months of production once we reach commercial production.” 

Tietto chief operating officer, Matthew Wilcox, commented, “I am extremely proud of the team who have delivered the project in less than 11 months from pouring  first concrete, which I believe, is the most challenging schedule for a project of this magnitude that has  been achieved in the last decade in West Africa. A schedule made possible by an outstanding owners’  team and a great team of contractors and consultants who achieved the job safely and on budget.

“I  would  like  to  thank  the  construction  team  led  by  Daniel  Kotzee,  our  outstanding  engineering  consultants in Primero and ECG, as well as our key contractors; Wacom (concrete), Friedlander (field  erected yanks), NCP (mill installation), EPSA (mining), Peloton (electrical labour) and Enikon (SMP), as  well many other local contractors, who all went above and beyond to achieve the schedule."

Wilcox added, “A great effort by the projects commercial team, led by Hesbon Okwayo, who achieved an outstanding  result under difficult global conditions, and supported by Antrak Logistics and Bollore, who managed  to get the equipment to site in the time frames required. Also, special thanks to our owners’ earthworks team, led by Guillaume Hubert, and supported by Citland (HDPE lining), who achieved amazing work under difficult conditions.” 

Following this announcement, a first gold pour is expected soon.