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Aimed at the growing 4-5 tonne mini-excavator market, the new Bobcat E55 compact excavator is based on a platform similar to that of the popular E50 zero tail swing excavator but has a conventional upper structure

Equipped with cab and bucket, the E55 has an operating weight of 5501 kg. It is powered by the Kubota V2403-M-DI-TE38-BC-4 turbo-charged Tier III diesel engine, producing 35.4 kW net per SAE J1349 of output power at 2200 RPM. A long dipper stick is standard on the E55, ensuring a superior working range with a maximum digging depth of 3923 mm and breakout forces of 26.1 kN and 42.0 kN in the dipper stick and at the bucket, respectively.

The E55 combines fast cycle times with precision and fingertip control. The load-sensing piston pump and the closed centre valve enable exceptionally fine metering of hydraulic flow for smooth, precise control of machine functions, even with simultaneous operations. The boom and dipper arm cylinders are cushioned to provide a smooth, end-of stroke operation. High stability enables increased lifting capacity and more efficient digging in hard ground.

With a lifting capacity over the side of 1405 kg at 1 m height and at a radius of 3 m, the E55 can be used to lift heavy loads, including loading and unloading items from trucks as well as installing heavy piping and construction materials on site. High torque for swinging a full bucket in the extended position allows the excavator to work efficiently both on slopes as well as on flatter areas. Auto Shift provides for more comfortable travel and makes it easier to do levelling and backfilling work with the dozer blade. Boom swing and the auxiliary hydraulic controls are integrated in the joysticks, offering more precise control than other machines on the market using pedals for these functions. The adjustable maximum flow in the auxiliary line allows the E55 to adapt for easier and more efficient use of attachments.

The E55 offers 360 degree visibility from the cab, including full visibility to the right track of the machine as well as to the rear. The wiper motor is mounted on the lower front window to provide better visibility to the front. The directional lug rubber tracks provide a smooth ride with low vibration. Sealed floor plates and the routing of the hydraulic hoses below the floor mat isolate the operator from undesired heat in the cab. The travel pedals provide smooth, accurate control of the excavator. When not in use, the pedals can fold forward for maximum foot room. The travel levers are positioned adjacent to each other, allowing for easy drive control, even with one hand if desired. This increases productivity when backfilling as the operator can steer with one hand while adjusting the blade with the other.

Equipped as standard with heating and ventilation, the cab offers the operator plenty of space for their feet and legs as well as a very comfortable work environment. Air conditioning is available as an option.The engine, air intake, cooling and exhaust systems, along with the hydraulic pump and valve, are designed to offer a low bystander noise (LwA: 96 dB) and operator ear noise level (LpA: 79 dB), both class-leading values. An ‘auto idle’ feature, which can be enabled at the operator’s discretion, reduces fuel consumption and noise and creates a more comfortable environment. The auto idle feature automatically causes the engine to drop to idle if the excavator functions are not used for a period of about four seconds. The engine returns to the pre-set throttle position when the operator moves a joystick or a travel function.

CAD techniques, endurance testing of components and assemblies under extreme conditions, and highly durable materials are used to ensure reliability. The undercarriage has sealed, maintenance-free track rollers, a top roller and wide sprockets offering high resilience and a long service life. The ‘open’ design and sloped surfaces of the X-frame undercarriage help prevent the build-up of mud and debris. The boom consists of a ‘4-plate box design’ with internal gussets that optimises weight, yet provides a strong, durable and reliable structure. The design of the hydraulic components, routing of the hydraulic hoses and hydraulic connections, and improved assembly procedures significantly reduces the possibility of hydraulic leaks. ‘Quicklock’ snap-to-connect fittings for connections to the valve block ports lower the stress on the fittings as they exit the valve.

Access through the wide opening tailgate and sidegate simplifies routine maintenance. There is easy access to all service components such as filters, the battery and radiator as well as centralised grease points. The air conditioning condenser and hydraulic cooler can be easily separated for cleaning purposes, without need for tools. Auto-tension belts help to reduce maintenance needs. An electronically controlled engine and hydraulic system monitor automatically shut down the machine in the event of a problem. The counterweight, tailgate and sidegate can be removed easily for unlimited access. The fuel fill point, tailgate and storage compartment under the seat are all lockable. Another security feature is the battery disconnect switch.