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Volvo releases latest version of I-Shift gears

The FH Volvo Truck with I-Shift gear crawlers, which is able to handle ultra-slow speeds. (Image source: Volvo Trucks)

Volvo Trucks has announced its latest version of I-Shift with crawler gears for its trucks during an exclusive press meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden

Originally launched in 1991, I-Shift became a fully-automated robotic transmission in 2002. This year, Volvo Trucks will launch I-Shift F with crawler gears. The I-Shift F has been specially developed for excellent starting traction and to handle driving at ultra-low speeds. I-Shift with crawler gears can drive at speeds as slow as 0.5-2 km/h and can start off from standstill while hauling 325 tonnes.

Set to enter production in June 2016, the transmission will be made available in a choice of direct drive and overdrive, with one or two crawler ratios. It is also possible to specify two extra reverse crawler gears, according to Volvo Trucks.

The crawler gears are added to a regular I-Shift gearbox. In order to handle the high loads involved, several components are made from high-strength materials.

I-Shift with crawler gears will be available with Volvo Trucks’ 13- and 16-litre engines on the Volvo FM, Volvo FMX, Volvo FH and Volvo FH16 models.

“From the launch until 2016, I-Shift gears sales have risen by 92 per cent and we want to keep numbers that way,” said Jonas Nordqvist, product features manager at Volvo Trucks.

Another new addition from Volvo Trucks is the Tandem Axle Lift. The function has been designed for heavy duty transport with loads being carried one way and empty return trips, for example when hauling timber or in construction and bulk cargo operations.

Discussing Volvo Truck sales in Middle East, acting vice-president, commercial trucks international sales area at Volvo Trucks, Per Forsberg, said, “We are looking to upgrade and promote our products worldwide and also in markets that are a bit conservative. At the moment, in Middle East the market is a bit low, but what we see as positive is their approach towards the cost effectiveness of trucks. 

“There are more professionals that are not only looking at the purchase prices, but also the total cost of operations, and we are very competent in this area.”

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