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Mozambique's gas-powered buses back on Maputo's roads

The gas-powered buses had to be taken off streets for a week due to the natural gas crisis in Mozambique. (Image source:

The gas-powered buses of Mozambiques publicly-owned Maputo municipal bus company, TPM, have restarted operations after the company met a shortage in natural gas supplies

The buses had to be withdrawn due to a natural gas crisis in Mozambique that paralysed the service for about a week

According to the TPM director for business and projects, Lourenco Albino, the problem was resolved over the recent weekend with at least 120 of the 150 gas-powered buses, imported from India last year, plying once more in Maputo.

Albino added that he did not know whether the solution to the gas supply situation was definite or not.

“The TPM buses have been receiving fuel promptly and the supplying company, Autogas, has been ensuring that the sole filling station in Maputo does not run out of gas,” he remarked.

Albino refused to comment on the amount of money lost during the week when the buses did not ply though the damage is being assumed to be quite huge.

“We haven’t yet spoken to our supplier to see whether the [gas supply] crisis has been fully overcome,” Albino admitted.

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