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Honda Motor Company begins making cars in Nigeria

Honda Motor Company has retooled a factory to manufacture cars. (Image source: BrianHoecht/Flickr)

Japan’s Honda Motor Company has begun manufacturing cars in Nigeria, said the new chief executive Takachiro Hachigo

According to Hachigo, a part of Honda’s motorcycle factory in Nigeria has been retooled to manufacture Accord Sedans. The company plans to make 1,000 cars annually and hopes to increase production if the local market is responsive to the new car.

The Japanese car maker is one among many others to start production in Africa. Companies like Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot and Kia have started manufacturing units in North African nations as well as in Nigeria.

Specially in Nigeria, there is a lot of emphasis on local production and assembly of vehicles to boost the economy, according to reports. 

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