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Cummins makes 540 horsepower L9 available

Engines are now available for vehicle integration and testing purposes through local representatives. (Image source: Cummins)

Cummins has announced that its ISL9 diesel engine is now available up to 540 horsepower for military ground vehicles

“Cummins invests heavily in state-of-the-art engineering test cells, balancing key technologies such as combustion, turbocharging, fuel systems and electronic calibrations, which allows us to engineer and develop the best solution for our customers,” commented Carlos Gasteazoro-Martin, defense segment leader. “This has enabled Cummins to develop the ISL9 at a peak power output of 540 horsepower and represents the dependability of the proven L9 platform across all our serving industries. This solution is ideal for our military customers and end-users looking for a reliable, cost effective, and volume efficient solution.”

The ISL9 is already proven in a wide variety of equipment; commercial on and off-highway and military vehicles like armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and logistical trucks. Light weight, compact and fuel-efficient engine, the ISL9 offers distinct advantages to global vehicle manufacturers, with a simplified engine architecture that reduces complexity for ease of installation. For operators, it provides high performance with low operating costs with the added capabilities to run on military grade high sulphur diesel, while offering excellent reliability.

Cummins has fully optimised the 9-litre engine, increasing power by an additional 20%. Torque capability is also increased up to 1,900 Nm. The optimisation of key performance parts, and the integration of Cummins HE500 Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT), has been key in achieving this improvement.

The new 540 horsepower ISL9 offers mobile defence equipment improved engine response time for demanding gradients and tough terrain in challenging climates. The higher power capability allows vehicles to carry a heavier load, more people, more equipment and more armoury.