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BKT launches FL 695 tire for construction and farming applications

Presently the tire is available in size 650/55 R 26.5. (Image source: BKT)

BKT has provided the FL 695 tire, specifically designed for trailers within the construction and farming sector

The radial tire is resistant and durable thanks to a strong casing with multi-ply steel layers providing protection against punctures. In addition, it is made of a special compound that contributes to increased cut resistance

FL 695 can be distinguished by its tread design with an exclusive center-block pattern that stands for excellent stability and resistance in all conditions even with heavy loads. Besides, its deep tread ensures optimal self-cleaning during on-and-off-the-road usage in addition to a long product life-cycle.

Presently the tire is available in size 650/55 R 26.5.

The latest addition enhances BKT’s extensive tire range that, among others, follows a well-defined philosophy: the more specific and tailored a product is for every need, the more it becomes sustainable. Choosing the right tire for every operation avoids premature wear and reduces rolling resistance. This turns into longer product durability, less fuel consumption, and a lower environmental impact. BKT offers more than 3,200 specific products for many different applications and sectors.

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