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Africa’s cheapest car to be rolled out in June 2014

The vehicle is suited for the rugged African terrain. (Image source: Mobius Motors)

Kenyan Vehicle Manufacturer (KVM) has announced that it will launch the continent’s cheapest car in June 2014

Dubbed Mobius, the vehicle is currently being assembled in KVM’s Thika plant in Kiambu County.

Mobius has been created by mostly using spare parts from Toyota, while 35 per cent of the vehicle parts have been locally sourced, KVM said.

Joel Jackson, inventor and CEO of Mobius Motors, said, ‘‘We made a prototype last year and are launching the car for sale at KVM by Q2.”

According to KVM, the car is primarily built to endure Africa’s rugged roads.

Mobius can accommodate eight passengers and can store large goods but is without air-conditioning or power-steering, KVM said.

The vehicle is designed for rural areas and small business owners who require cheap and affordable transportation, it added.

Although initially priced at US$6,000, the cost has increased to US$11,000 as spare parts are expensive, the company said.

Fifty units of the car will be manufactured initially, KVM said.

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