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New tech for concrete pipes in Zimbabwe

VIHY Multicast SCV 120 is a versatile vibration machine for production of manholes and short pipes up to 1,200mm diameter. (Image source: HawkeyePedershaaab)

In keeping with technological market trends and demand, Acsend Concrete in 2012 decided to expand their production capacity and to improve productivity with the strategic intent of exceeding customer expectations

In a bid to explore different production technologies and to get inspiration from other concrete producers, managing director and owner Antony Benesi toured concrete pipe factories in Scandinavia. Based on the outcome and experience from this tour, he decided to invest in a VIHY Multicast SCV 120 production plant from HawkeyePedershaab.

Since installation, the new machine has significantly enhanced product quality and consistency to product specification, which has ensured Acsend Concrete’s customers reliable and high quality products. In addition to this, the VIHY Multicast SCV 120 with the unique vertical vibration system gives Acsend Concrete high flexibility and versatility, enabling them to introduce new products to the market – products which Benesi had seen on his trip to Scandinavia and which he had no doubt would bring great value to the Zimbabwean market.

The plant was commissioned in 2014-2015 and Acsend Concrete now supplies concrete products of the highest quality to their markets.

Joint project development

Acsend Concrete and HawkeyePedershaab worked closely together throughout the whole project. Benesi explained, “I knew HawkeyePedershaab and their machines from previous experience, so I had no doubt they could supply the equipment I needed. But equally important they were a very valuable partner and an incredible source of information in the design phase of the whole plant. They assisted in the design of the batching plant, the design of the building, the logistics inside the building as well as the outside logistics around incoming materials and outgoing products.”

“The cooperation with HawkeyePedershaab has given me a state-of-the-art production plant where we not only are able to supply today’s products, but also the products of the future. A dependable precast product has its roots deeply embedded in an equally reliable production plant.”

Fact box 

Plant description 

• VIHY Multicast SCV 120 pipe machine 

• Mould equipment for 450-1,200mm pipes, L=1,25m 

• Mould equipment for 900-1,050mm manhole rings 

• Automatic concrete batching and mixing plant 

• Concrete laboratory equipment

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