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Kenya Ports Authority set to boost shipping and logistics

With the implementation of the plan, KPA aims to make Kenya a trade and logistics hub in the region. (Image source: Jason Goh/Pixabay)

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is planning to launch its master plan with an aim to revolutionise shipping and logistics sector in the country

As reported in Business Daily Africa, KPA aims to make Kenya a trade and logistics hub, as well as a major player in global commerce through terminal expansion and leveraging on the existing infrastructure.

KPA has outlined in the master plan about how it will take advantage development of Dongo Kundu as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Lamu port to serve Northern Kenya, Southern Ethiopia and South Sudan Transport Corridor, as well as the revitalised Kisumu port to serve regional and local trade on Lake Victoria, according to the source.

The 2019-2047 plan is expected to be implemented in three phases. It focuses on sharpening the competitive edge of the Port of Mombasa in a bid to outdo Dar es Salaam and Djibouti ports.

The source further added that the master plan is set to be officially launched 0n 9 August 2019. Additionally, the authority aims to acquire modern equipment to serve CT2 and the new berths are expected to increase conventional cargo to around 77 million tonnes year in the next 30 years, the source noted.

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