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Delivering spare parts on time to the highest standards

Blumaq has many subsidiaries around the world. (Image source: Blumaq)

At Blumaq, they offer a 24-hour European and 48-hour worldwide delivery service, with more than 90,000 items ready for immediate delivery

But what is stock? The stock, or inventory, of a company, is defined as “the group of goods found in it, accumulated in a specific place, in transit or immersed in the production process, and which objective is their business application in industrial or commercial processes”. In this way, correct stock management guarantees adequate control and response to our customers demand.

Why is it important to have a large stock?

Blumaq, which delivers replacement parts and maintenance products including engines and alternators for construction and mining equipment, can deliver their spare parts on time because customers must have the peace of mind in the event of any unexpected situation or emergency repair. Customer satisfaction is very important to the company, and offering a part on time is as important as the quality of the delivered part itself. They say this fact distinguishes them from their competitors.

To be able to offer this service, Blumaq has a wide variety of stock available in all of their subsidiaries across the world: in Turkey (with three locations), USA (with two locations), France (with two locations), Romania, Portugal, Zambia, South Africa, and in Russia (with two locations). These are the countries in which Blumaq offers a fulfilled service, as well as in other countries which are part of its distribution network, covering more than 168 countries.

What is the main function of the stock?

-To ensure a consistent supply, enough to be able to give service to customers.

-To allow them to support their customers when they demand the product or service.

-To make personalised and adapted offers to each customer, enabling the creation of orders with delivery times as real as possible.

Taking this data into account, Blumaq is aware of the importance of having a large stock and knowing how to make their spare parts reach customers as soon as possible to the highest quality standards. Good customer service combined with the quality and guarantee of their brand is their winning formula.

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