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Water & Environment

While groundwater maps of the African continent created much optimism when they were published recently, experts have warned that accessing water from such sources may prove difficult due to political and technical factors

Ministers have vowed to provide better access to water and sanitation across Africa. (Image source: Oxfam East Africa)

WaterAid has welcomed promises from African government ministers that could provide 85.4 million Africans with access to essential services across the continent

Access to water has become one of the Ghanaian government’s top priorities in recent years. (Image source: waterdotorg)

The Dutch ambassador to Ghana, Gerard Duijfjes, has handed over a EUR 100 million (US$ 129.3 million) grant and financing arrangement to fund the Ghana Netherlands Water and Sanitation Programme

A team of university students from Kenya has developed a software program that can help farmers monitor weather and soil conditions in their areas

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