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George Manneh Weah is the President of Liberia. (Image source: Présidence de la République du Bénin/Flickr)

President George Manneh Weah has inaugurated Liberias first steel factory, expressing hope about foreign investors’ interest in the Liberian economy

World Bank aims to support a low-carbon transition to practice sustainable and green mining activities. (Image source: Khusen Rustamov/Pixabay)

The World Bank has launched a climate-smart mining facility, a multi-million fund that aims to support sustainable extraction and processing of minerals used in clean energy technologies such as wind, solar power, batteries for energy storage and electric vehicles

The MoU relates to the use of existing rail and port infrastructure in Liberia. (Image source: Luisao Pepe/Pixabay)

The Government of the Republic of Liberia and Niron Metals Plc have signed an MoU, regarding the passage through Liberia of iron ore from the Zogota iron ore deposit in the Republic of Guinea

Economic diversification efforts in the GCC continue but fiscal consolidation is still suppressing construction activities. (Image source: marcin049/Pixabay)

Global steel demand is projected to reach 1,735 mt in 2019, up 1.3 per cent from 2018, and 1,752 mt in 2020, according to a report by the World Steel Association (worldsteel)

Ahmed bin Yousef bin Alawi is the chairman of Raysut Cement. (Image source: Raysut Cement)

Oman’s one of the leading cement manufacturers Raysut Cement Company is planning to acquire ARM Cement of Kenya, a move that is in line with Raysut’s strategy to expand businesses in East and Central Africa

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