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Information Security

Supporting innovation is a critical component, not only in our collective efforts to combat diseases in Africa, but to provide tested and practised solutions, to ensure better health for all. (Image source: Brent Newhall/Flickr)

Eight African innovators from Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Guinea and Kenya have come up with innovative solutions to support the continent’s fight against COVID-19 pandemic

There will be a direct focus on providing 25mn women entrepreneurs with solutions that can help them grow their businesses. (Image source: Armi Lafiniarivo/Pixabay)

Mastercard has expanded its worldwide commitment to financial inclusion, pledging to bring a total of one billion people and 50mn micro and small businesses into the digital economy by 2025

The solution will ensure organisations across the mining, transport and agricultural industries to achieve increased performance. (Image source: Khusen Rustamov/Pixabay)

Inmarsat and Cobham SATCOM have launched a comprehensive broadband global area network (BGAN) push-to-talk (PTT) solution to connect remote workers using vehicles across the globe

Rack Centre has the largest installed capacity in West Africa with a range of more than 80 blue chip international, multi-national and local clients. (Image source: railwayfx/Adobe Stock)

Actis has acquired a majority stake in Rack Centre, Nigeria’s leading provider of data and cloud services

The digital DealRoom will take advantage of Asoko’s data acquisition model and corporate database of over 100,000 private African companies. (Image source: James Osborne/Pixabay)

Asoko Insight, one of the leading corporate data providers in Africa, has partnered with the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) to facilitate a digital DealRoom to support the ambition of upcoming UK-Africa Investment Summit, taking place in London on 20 January 2020

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