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Fayat’s comprehensive range of road building equipment

Fayat is presenting machinery from OMAG, Marini, Breining-Secmair and PTC. (Image source: Fayat)

The Fayat Group is exhibiting at bauma Africa over 4,800 sq m across blocks F-1009 to 1008/1 - with its road building equipment division subsidiaries, which are presenting an extensive range of road life cycle equipment, as well as equipment for laying foundations

This all is rounded off by a demonstration area.

The Fayat road building equipment range on display includes:

  • - Road machines from Bomag.
  • - Asphalt production plants by Marini.
  • - Road maintenance equipment produced by Breining-Secmair.
  • - The foundation equipment of PTC.
  • - Marini is exhibiting an eTower 2500.

This new version of the TopTower is not just economical – it is also adaptable over time.

Economical because the focus is on transferability at reduced cost.

The dimensions of the eTower range are such that it can be transported using ordinary carriers.

No need for shuttles or exceptional convoys.

Entrepreneurs want to be up and running promptly for small and medium sized projects.

Adaptable because while the basic eTOWER version is a traditional production machine, several technical kits round off the range making the plant suitable for various markets.

The asphalt pavilion is partially given over to the mobility and hypermobility of asphalt plants.

The Fayat Group has extensive expertise in both continuous and batch solutions, and the RoadBatch, RoadStar and RoadMaster are just some examples of the company’s international references.

The mobility pavilion is presenting the range of possible solutions.

Bomag is presenting a large section of its range, broken down into:

  • - Treatment and compaction of soils.
  •  - Asphalt compactors.
  •  - Asphalt pavers.
  •  - Road milling planers.
  • - Small equipment.
  • - Also on show is PTC, which has completed its range of free hanging vibrodrivers with a range of piling rigs.
  • - Advantages of the piling rig solution compared with a traditional free hanging solution:
  • - Higher productivity (centralised control station, reduced handling, driving power).
  • - Positioning and alignment of profiles thanks to the adjustable mast, eliminating the need for the guide.
  • - Compactness: takes up less space (no crane boom).

This article originally featured in the September 2013 issue of African Review of Business and Technology. To read this issue of the magazine online, click here