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Ammann launches new roller

The Rammax 1575C trench roller was unveiled by Ammann at Bauma Munich, earlier this year. (Image source: Ammann Group)

Ammann has announced the new Rammax 1575 CI trench roller will be manufactured at Langenthal in Switzerland

The previous model, the 1575C, was launched at bauma Munich earlier this year.

Since then, the construction equipment manufacturer has set out safety measures, which will apply to the Rammax 1575 CI.

Furthermore, compliance with the new standards will ensure that safety requirements have been met, Amman said.

The engine offers low fuel consumption, which means reduced emissions, the company added.

The new articulated trench roller features a water-cooled diesel engine from Yanmar, which is expected to improve reliability and reduce noise.

This article originally featured in the September 2013 issue of African Review of Business and Technology. To read this issue of the magazine online, click here