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A Clarke Energy service engineer at the Tronox Furnace Gas Power Plant, South Africa. (Image source: Clarke Energy)

Localised power stations and next-generation renewable gases could shape the continent’s energy landscape in the future. Alex Marshall, group marketing and compliance director from Clarke Energy, tells us more

Emrods wireless system is a cost-effective solution for transmitting power across difficult terrain. (Image source: Emrod)

The Africa Energy Forum will host a special presentation on 21 October by Emrod CEO and founder Greg Kushnir, demonstrating the world’s first ever long-range wireless transmission project, currently operating in New Zealand

Once completed, the project will be the country’s first Independent Power Project. (Image source: Dmitry Naumov/Adobe Stock)

The US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has committed US$1.55mn in technical development for the Tulu Moye Geothermal Power Plant Project in Ethiopia

Africa Energy Forum and the African Development Bank have launched a African Utility of the Future competition. (Image credit: aef)

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and EnergyNet, organisers of the Africa Energy Forum (AEF), have created the ‘African Utility of Future’ competition enabling teams to compete for a USD $5,000 prize

The Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth Complex (PEVP) of AfDB will participate at AEF2020, mainstreaming the concept of:  The African Utility of the Future - the theme for the 2019 AfDB-APUA CEO Leadership Forum. This is a continuation on the concept of “The Second Wave of Power Sector Reforms” as it relates to the Sustainable Utility Transformation (SUT) agenda of the bank – a key component that will continue to drive the bank’s ‘Light Up and Power Africa’ strategic objective. 

The competition seeks to inspire team-building and innovative ideas to transform current utilities into advanced, futuristic, SMART, sustainable and agile African power utilities. The overarching principle is to create a platform for current asset-owners to come up with innovative, realistic, practical and implementable ideas for “leap-frogging” existing utilities in the future. The design will be grounded around the five pillars of the Sustainable Utility Transformation (SUT) agenda:

Improved sector governance

Least cost integrated resource planning

Human capital development

Sector reforms & financial sustainability

Smart partnerships & performance monitoring

Submission criteria

The competition opened on 8 October with a submission deadline of 6 November 2020. Team entries will remain anonymous, and the use of team names are encouraged. As the objective is to solicit realistic and practical ideas relevant to African utilities currently operating, only submissions from teams representing current distribution asset owners will be allowed. These distribution asset owners can be public or private sector, and on-, off- or mini-grid based.

Only the winning team will be named, unless (based on the quality of the submissions) the judges feel that the proposals of the 2nd and 3rd place teams should be mentioned.

Finalists will be announced on 11th November, with the winning team announced on 13th November – the closing date of AEF 2020.

To find out more, please visit:, to apply contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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