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Africa Data Centres and DPA SA have broken ground on their solar farm in the Free State. (Image source: Africa Data Centres)

Africa Data Centres, a business of the Cassava Technologies group, has begun construction of a solar farm in Free State, South Africa, that will provide power to the company’s sites

A larger stockholding of WEG products facilitates ready access for customers. (Image source: WEG Africa)

Since starting out in 1994 to serve the metropolitan area with a range of low voltage electric motors, WEG Africa’s Cape Town branch has grown in its size and its offerings and has now outgrown its premises

African nations have turned to the concept of power pools to address the continent's energy deficit and foster regional cooperation. (Image source: Synergy Consulting)

According to Synergy Consulting, an independent global firm at the forefront of financial advisory, power pools offer significant potential for addressing Africa’s energy challenges

The Kumasi factory installation is the largest distributed solar power project for an industrial manufacturer in Ghana. (Image source: Daystar Power)

The meteoric rise of solar power is set to continue across the globe and within Africa’s energy ecosystem in an effort to meet mounting power demand

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