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Trina Solar’s new office and warehouse aim to enhance the companys distribution network in South Africa. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Trina Solar, the worlds leading provider of PV and smart energy total solutions, has responded to the growing demand in South Africa by expanding its operations 

The growth is set to continue next year with the world’s total renewable electricity capacity rising to 4500GW. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

With the global energy crisis as a catalyst, solar PV and wind are set to lead the largest annual increase in new renewable capacity ever, a new IEA report shows 

Combining renewable energy sources with battery storage helps enable the establishment of microgrids in areas where connection to the main grid is challenging. (Image source: Synergy Consulting)

According to Synergy Consulting, a global financial advisory firm with extensive expertise in advising developers and governments on the deployment of battery storage worldwide, Africa must look to battery storage projects as a way to enhance grid stability and make the most of its renewable energy potential

According to the scientists, coal would be the logical place to do geological hydrogen storage. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

A team of scientists from Penn State have found that coal may represent a potential way to store hydrogen gas, addressing a major hurdle in developing a clean energy supply chain

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