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Ghanaian factory commissions 4.3MW solar system to support operations

Rider Steel will offset 49,900 tons of CO2 over the system’s 20-year lifetime. (Image source: Daystar)

Daystar Power, a hybrid solar energy provider and member of the Shell Group, has commissioned a 4.3MW grid-tied solar system for Rider Steel’s Kumasi factory

Rider Steel is the country’s largest steel producer and has indicated its dedication to minimising its carbon footprint in order to encourage a sustainable future. In pursuit of this ambition, the company sought the services of Daystar to deliver the rooftop installation, expected to offset 49,9000 tons of CO2 emissions across its 20-year lifetime. 

Daystar, which has also recently signed an agreement with Nigerian Breweries to install and operate a 4.2MWp solar plant and 2MWh battery storage system, has now commissioned the solar system which has been described as the largest solar power project for an industrial manufacturer in Ghana. To do so, the company mounted 7,524 units of 580Wp PV modules on the 30,000 sq m factory roof, all of which are connected to a remote monitoring system to enable preventative maintenance.

Powering heavy industry

“We’re delighted to inaugurate this solar system for Rider Steel, which is by far our largest project in Ghana, commented Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO of Daystar Power. “It’s a compelling example that shows solar energy can power heavy industry and integrate well with the grid.”

Walid Al-Alami, director of Rider Steel Ghana, added, “This solar installation will enable us to procure 20% of our electricity requirements from clean and sustainable energy sources, and underscores our commitment to promoting sustainable steel recycling in Ghana and across West Africa. We express our gratitude to Daystar and its dedicated team for their tireless efforts in ensuring the timely completion of this project.”

There have been several announements of new solar projects coming to the continent since the start of 2024. Click here to discover the latest such suitor for South Africa. 

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