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South Africa solar opportunity attracts another suitor

Neosun carries out solar projects worldwide but retains a focus on remote African regions. (Image source: Neosun)

Neosun Energy, a global company focused on the construction of solar power stations and battery storage solutions, has become the latest renewable energy provider to enter the South African market 

Load shedding is continuing to plague South Africa and disrupt businesses across the country’s range of industries. With no tangible end in sight, the country has become a hotbed of activity, with global energy companies eyeing the market with great interest. 

Neosun has become the latest company to venture into the African market and help with energy access issues affecting its inhabitants. According to the company, this presents a significant opportunity for it to make a positive impact on the continent. 

“Thousands of enterprises in Africa are unable to fulfill business operations and are bearing financial losses due to the limited access to the grid. Such solutions as solar PV stations and energy storages are the means to resolve these issues,” commented Ilya Likhov, CEO of Neosun. “The surge in renewable energy investment to US$495bn in 2022, juxtaposed against the US$371bn in oil and gas, reflects a global shift towards sustainable energy solutions. Neosun’s venture into South Africa is a step towards mitigating business losses incurred due to electricity scarcity and propelling the region towards a sustainable energy future.”

Already boasting a presence on the continent, the company is aiming to provide commercial solar panels and energy storage solutions with capacities ranging from 200kW to 10MW for commercial and industrial projects in the country. This will primarily target small and medium enterprises in the country with a focus on manufacturing, warehousing, shopping malls, commercial offices, mining, industrial facilities, and pharmaceuticals. 

At the end of 2023, Sungrow signed an agreement with EDF Renewables to support South Africa’s first wind-solar-storage integrated virtual power plant. Discover the full story here

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