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Zest WEG, a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered mobile power solutions, has supplied a mobile switching station to Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), Mozambique’s national power utility, for rapid deployment wherever needed

SWITCHING PIC 03The 33 kV mobile switching station is suited for routine maintenance or switching network failures. (Image source: Zest WEG)

The 33 kV switching station, complete with 36 kV rated switchgear, is housed within a purpose-built enclosure installed on a double-axle trailer and includes all protection requirements to allow for quick connection and safe operation at all times. The specifications and end-user requirements to be met were provided to Zest WEG by MESAT, a Mozambican engineering company acting on behalf of EDM.

Dumisani Dlamini, energy systems engineer within the Energy Systems division of Zest WEG, said that the main challenge on the project was to incorporate all the functionalities required by EDM into a single compact prefabricated solution while, at the same time, minimising the overall size and mass of the unit to allow it to move along public roads without any special permits being required.

In addition, it had to be able to interface with the most recently developed technology for supervision, control and protection and incorporate advanced safety interlocks, both mechanical and electrical. Secondary plant, such as protection relays and devices, was sourced to be in line with EDM’s substation standards.

Dlamini adds that the design adopted by Zest WEG simplifies on-site installation. “The unit is completely pre-tested, prefabricated and pre-wired. In essence, it’s a ‘plug-and-play’ solution which can be rapidly deployed to wherever it is needed. There is no need for any support infrastructure on site, such as a specially prepared laydown area, and also no requirement for any craneage, that you would have with a skid-based solution. This means the switching station can become operational shortly after arriving on site.”

Zest WEG is normally able to supply its mobile switching stations within 28 weeks of receiving an order but, in this case, was able to slightly better the expected timeframe on this occasion.