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Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) has partnered with Oil & Gas Skills (OGS), a leading training and consultancies company for oil and gas companies based in Egypt, for the development of manpower skills and knowledge of the oil and gas industry across key regions including the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The newly formed partnership aims to reverse the current brain drain affecting the global oil and gas industry, wherein personnel with extensive knowledge and training have either gone into retirement or have pursued other interests, leaving newer personnel, who lack the proper experience and training, to take charge of a rapidly developing global industry.

CMCS and OGS will work closely to implement initiatives that seek to enhance and develop the skills and knowledge of personnel working within the oil and gas industry. CMCS will introduce key training and development programs that have been designed to provide crop of oil and gas workers with the necessary skills and knowledge needed in the industry. The agreement will cover key regions where CMCS operates, such as Qatar, Bahrain, KSA, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Libya, Kenya, India, Italy and Greece.

Bassam Samman, CEO and Founder, CMCS, said, “The global oil and gas industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, showing the least signs of being affected by the global financial crisis that had an impact on most industries. However, this continued growth is threatened with the ongoing brain drain that the industry is experiencing. Highly-skilled and proficient workers have gone into retirement or have moved onto other opportunities, leaving the industry with young and inexperienced workers to run the business. With its new partnership with OGS, CMCS aims to reverse this brain drain by providing the essential training and skills development programs that can transform these novice personnel into highly skilled world class oil and gas experts. Our partnership with OGS also allows us to develop oil and gas skills and knowledge not only in Egypt but also across other key regions like the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.”

Moving on up
A recent industry report from the Middle East Economic Review has shown Egypt moving towards an upward curve. The country's GDP climbed in each quarter of 2009, from 4.1 per cent in the first quarter to 5 per cent in the final quarter. It has continued to rise in 2010, with first quarter growth at 5.8 per cent, the highest since the first half of 2008. The government estimates overall growth of 5.25 per cent in 2009-10 higher than the 4.5-5 per cent targeted at the beginning of the year and 6 per cent in 2010-11. The report also points out that the country’s oil and gas earnings were hit by falling global energy prices in 2008-09, but while many other Middle East economies have become overwhelmingly dependent on hydrocarbon exports for foreign currency earnings and economic growth, Egypt has developed a more balanced revenue portfolio.

Yasser El-Maghraby, Chairman and CEO, OGS, said, “Egypt is currently witnessing robust economic growth, enabling the country to make strategic investments in infrastructure development and in turn attracting greater foreign investment and fueling balanced industrial development. The country’s oil and gas industry is a key sector that needs to be nurtured and closely watched to ensure Egypt’s continued growth. Our partnership with CMCS allows us the opportunity to develop the needed manpower skills and knowledge to help the industry move forward. We have full confidence in CMCS’ ability to provide us with the necessary programs, modules and training sessions that can help strengthen Egypt’s oil and gas industry.”

Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions provides Project Portfolio and Risk Management Information System solutions to help organizations ensure the success of their project delivery. The company uses state-of-the-art products from Oracle Primavera, Hard Dollar, Deltek, EcoSys, ADePT, eTimeMachine, and Synchro to build knowledge, transfer tools and techniques, and develop skills.
OGS, a manpower skills and development consultancy group, is an affiliate of the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum. The company provides training courses and consultation services to Oil & Gas companies in Egypt. Over 200 personnel offer skills and experience across a broad technology portfolio including upstream and downstream asset performance and integrity, software modeling, risk management and advanced training.