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Angola's impressive 1,500 kimberlites (diamond bearing volcanic rocks) have been recognised by the chairman of the World Diamond Council (WDC) who said that Angola has the potential to lead the world Kimberley process

A kimberlite (diamond bearing volcanic rock). (Image source: Mike Beauregard/Flickr)A kimberlite (diamond bearing volcanic rock). (Image source: Mike Beauregard/Flickr)

WDC chairman, Eli Izhakoff, made the statement at a press conference at the Catoca Mining Society, according to Angola Press.

Angola's resource of over 1,500 kimberlites were identified in recent years by the Russian company Alrosa, one of the operators of the Catoca project, in the eastern Lunda Sul Province.

The Catoca Mining Society is made up of the National Diamonds Company of Angola (Endiama) which owns a 32.8 per cent share, Alrosa (32.8 per cent), LLI (16.2 per cent) and Odebrecht (16.2 per cent).