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Zanzibar expands competitive infrastructure with ZMT commissioning

The ceremony marked the formal launch of ZMT. (Image source: AGL)

Africa Global Logistics (AGL) has officially commissioned the Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal (ZMT) which will enable imports and exports to be carried out to the highest levels of quality, safety and security, in accordance with international standards

The occasion marked the formal launch of ZMT, a company created by AGL to manage and develop the terminal. With the assistance of the MSC Group, of which AGL is a member, ZMT will help streamline trade in the region and accelerate economic development. With the commissioning complete, ZMT plans to further build an external container emptying area to relieve congestion in the port of Malindi as well as updating infrastructure and equipment. 

Nicolas Escalin, managing director of ZMT, explained, “We are honoured by the trust that Zanzibar’s highest authorities have placed in AGL and this formal commissioning ceremony is proof of their interest. Following the launch of operations, we have mobilised all our teams and deployed the new related tools in order to improve productivity at the port of Malindi… We believe this this port will make a contribution to the growth of the local economy.”

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