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Land Rover has launched the world’s first production sports utility vehicle (SUV) with fuelsaving, emissions-lowering intelligent stop-start technology in South Africa.

The Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4_e, launched in SA in July 2009, combines the British manufacturer’s proven 2.2-litre TD4 turbodiesel engine and slick-shifting six-speed manual gearbox with elements of the company’s aptly named e_Terrain technologies, of which an advanced stop-start system is the key component. As a result, the Freelander 2 TD4_e sips just 8.5 litres of diesel for every 100km travelled in city driving. In extra-urban conditions, that figure drops to an impressively low 5.7 litres/100km, while the combined cycle fuel consumption figure comes to 6.7 litres/100km.

Stop-start technology, in basic terms, reduces fuel consumption and emissions by shutting down the engine, when appropriate, as soon as the Freelander is brought to a stop. This will typically occur at red traffic lights, in stopstart traffic, or at road construction sites, where the vehicle may be stationary for a significant period of time. In these conditions, start-stop technology means that there are zero tailpipe emissions while the vehicle is stationary. At the same time, engine restart is instantaneous and consistently reliable, ensuring seamless and safe operation as soon as the accelerator is pressed.