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UD Trucks promotes brand in Kenya and Egypt

The brand and marketing conference in Kenya. (Image source: UD Trucks)

UD Trucks has hosted Brand Day events in both Kenya and Egypt to promote and plan the brand’s future direction across Africa and the Middle East

The events have been held on the back of a record-breaking year across the two regions typified by impressive sales growth across all segments and marked by involvement in prestigious projects like those at NEOM and the Red Sea. Further, they follow UD Truck’s entry into the Egyptian market and relaunch in Kenya (which were focal points during both days). With the platform already set for success, the two days (held in May) gathered together marketing representatives from across the two regions in a bid to foster collaboration and strategically plan the brand’s future direction.

According to UD Trucks, more than 100 participants took part across both events and these would ultimately prove beneficial for partners and customers as they lead to the development of more tailored and efficient solutions, improved service quality and enhanced product offerings.

The first of the days was held in Nairobi and celebrated the brand’s relaunch in the country. It saw participation from a range of marketing communications teams and key partners in the region who participated in discussions, strategic workshops and interactive sessions aimed at unifying marketing efforts.

Then, in Cairo, the second Brand Day brought together UD Trucks commercial crew alongside marketing representatives from neighboring countries. The focus of this event was on regional collaboration and strategic alignment to ensure a consistent and impactful UD Trucks brand presence across the Middle East.

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