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TAAG Angola Airlines modernises fleet with fuel-efficient jets

According to Boeing the 787 Dreamliner boasts the largest windows of any jet alongside technology that senses and counters turbulence. (Image source: Boeing)

TAAG Angola Airlines, the country's leading airline, has ordered four 787 Dreamliners from Boeing, a leading global aerospace company

The four widebody jets are highly fuel-efficient (reducing fuel use and emissions by 25% compared to airplanes it replaces) and have been acquired by TAAG Angola Airlines in a bid to modernise its existing fleet. The company has returned to Boeing as it currently flies five 777-300ER (extended range) jets, three 777-200ERs and seven 737-700s to destinations across Africa, Europe, South America and China. 

For Boeing, this is the continuation of its journey serving the continent. According to its Commercial Market Outlook for Africa, 1,025 airplanes will be required by the continent over the next two decades with overall African air traffic forecast to grow at 7.4%. This represents the third highest among global regions and above the global average growth of 6.1%. 

“Our goal is to work with the best manufacturers in the world towards a multi-type fleet, in order to ensure we have the appropriate airplanes for each flight typology, namely our intercontinental connections,” remarked Eduardo Fairen, CEO of TAAG Angola Airlines. “The 787 option suits our intent for modern, size-wise and efficient equipment, able to progressively replace our current widebody fleet, and provide our customers with an improved flight experience.”

Anbessie Yitbarek, Boeing vice president of commercial sales and marketing for Africa, added, “The 787 Dreamliner will enable TAAG Angola Airlines to open new routes and expand their international network. The Dreamliner's market-leading efficiency and passenger comfort will advance the carrier's fleet modernisation plans.”

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