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Eazi helps keep cargo in Mombasa afloat

The JLG 1350SJP telescopic boom lift that Eazi Sales & Service supplied to the Kenya Ports Authority is used to maintain the rubber tyre gantries (RTGs) and ship-to-shore gantries (STGs) in the Mombasa Harbour.

Eazi Sales & Service, the largest supplier of access platforms in Africa and sole distributor of JLG equipment, recently delivered a JLG 1350SJP telescopic boom lift to the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) for application in the Mombasa Harbour, the second largest port on the eastern seaboard in terms of tonnage and containers handled


The boom lift will be used in the maintenance of rubber tyre gantries (RTGs) and ship to shore gantries (STGs) in this port, regarded as the gateway to central Africa.

“Our experience in supplying access solutions in to the maritime industry in South Africa and Southern Africa, our technical support capabilities, as well as the strength of our relationship with JLG secured us this coveted contract,” says Larry Smith, who heads up Eazi Sales & Service.


RTGs and STGs, which can extend over 30m, are used to lift, transport and load containers and a wide range of products from ship to shore and then from the harbour shore onto trucks and rail. These machines are critical from a loading and

offloading perspective as downtime affects the movement of freight in and out of the harbour, and therefore the cost of downtime can be significant. KPA required a reliable, cost-effective and safe machine to help it conduct required maintenance and emergency repairs on its current fleet of 12 RTGs, which it expects to expand to 16 by the end of 2011. With its working height of 43m, outreach of 24m and wind rating of 45km per hour, the JLG 1350SJP fulfilled this requirement. The machine will also be used for general maintenance on equipment and facilities at the port.

“This model creates a new class of telescopic boom lifts, with unmatched work envelope and high capacities, combining strength with revolutionary productivity-enhancing accessories, without compromising reach at critical ranges,” says Smith.


As part of the Ultra Series of telescopic boom lifts, the JLG 1350SJP features an exclusive controlled arc, that automatically maintains a smooth arc at the edges of the work envelope. The JibPLUS boom with four-way axis jib allows the operator to comfortably and easily bring the platform into position without having to manoeuvre the entire boom section. With the Control ADE system, operators can automatically limit the work envelope to a pre-selected zone, which allows 230kg and 450kg safe working load options of the platform.

“Its environmental-friendliness is one of the reasons JLG is a preferred supplier of equipment to the maritime industry. The JLG 1350SJP complies with the European Union’s environmental protection policy. Its diesel engine carries Deutz Tier III certification, making it class-leading in terms of CO² emissions,” says Smith.



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