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Nissan convoy embarks on African odyssey

The convoy consists of the entire range that is manufactured in South Africa. (Image source: Nissan)

Nissan, which offers a range of 24 vehicles to retain and commercial customers across sub-Saharan Africa, has sent off a convoy of its Navara pickup-ups on an eight-country journey across the continent

 The convoy consists of the entire range that is manufactured in South Africa and set off on the ‘Daring Africa 2024’ journey from the Rosslyn plant in Pretoria. The vehicles, which will ultimately arrive in Cairo, are built to withstand the most severe road conditions the continent has to offer.

“These Navaras, all new and built of more, have been made for Africa by African hands that care in the very same place that the first Nissan vehicle was built in Africa more than 60 years ago,” said Nissan South Africa managing director, Maciej Klenkiewicz.

The Rosslyn facility has evolved into Nissan’s LCV manufacturing hub for Africa, building Navaras that are sold across Africa. Since the end of last year they have entered into the new markets of Algeria and Libya and will be introduced to Egypt soon.

“We’ve dubbed this journey Daring Africa,” explained Nissan African head of communications and PR, Ramy Mohareb, “because it really is a wonderful new chapter to Nissan Dare, last year’s celebration of Nissan’s 90th anniversary.”

“It allows us to showcase a vehicle that we are very proud of in a series of immersive events literally all the way to Cairo. We are proving our promise that the entire range of the Nissan Navara which we build on the continent, is equal to the severest road conditions that Africa has to offer as we connect our two manufacturing hubs on either side of the continent.”

Made in Africa

“The Navara is a wonderful evolution of the Nissan pick-up legacy,” remarked Nissan Africa marketing director, Stefan Haasbroek. “This trip will show our customers and fans exactly that in real life, real-time situations as we celebrate the best that Africa has to offer.”

According to Nissan Africa managing director Sherief Eldessouky, Nissan considers Africa as one of the world’s last remaining automotive frontiers due to the low-level of vehicle ownership and it is this believe which has fostered the company’s commitment here.

“We believe in Africa, and we believe in this continent’s potential,” concluded Eldessouky. “Our mantra for the region is 'Let’s Build’ and this expedition really is proof positive of that and the opportunity that the AfCFTA holds for all of us.”

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