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MSC expands cargo cover

Advantages of MSC solutions include one-stop shop convenience, an efficient claim process, and tailored competitive rates. (Image source: MSC)

MSC, a global leader in container shipping, has expanded and upgraded its previous cargo protection offering to allow businesses to seize opportunities, mitigate risks and thrive in the modern business environment

‘Cargo Cover Solutions’ is the new offering, a revamped version of the well-known ‘Peace of Mind’ insurance that was previously available to customers, that is comprised of two products.

The first, MSC Extended Protection (EPR) is a protection option in leading markets and a global solution for those engaged in international transportation. As an alternative – for the situations where EPR does not apply or is unavailable – MSC Marine Cargo Insurance (MCI) can plug the gap. This is most applicable in cases where a letter of credit is involved, or when the cargo is fresh goods or chilled food. With EPR, cargo is also protected against damages directly linked to war risk events at sea, at no extra cost.

MSC EPR, available to book on the company’s eBusiness platform, allows customers to benefit from a range of coverage options at competitive rates, along with fast-track claim resolution in case of incidents according to MSC.

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