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Magni raises the stakes with the RTH 8.39

Compared to the previous 6.39 model, the 8.39 delivers maximum load capacities at maximum horizontal reach 33% higher in both M2 and M1 modes. (Image source: Magni Telescopic Handlers)

The RTH 8.39 has become the latest product unveiled by Magni Telescopic Handlers as the ideal solution for heavy-duty worksites

The rotating telescopic handler model extends the company’s eight tonne range (alongside the 8.27, 8.35 and 8.46) and offers improved load charts through a lifting capacity increase by two tonnes. A distinctive feature of the machine is its two extension modes to provide access to two different load charts (M1 provides higher reach and load capacities at the maximum height while M2 restricts reach to provide increased load capacity).

The RTH 8.39 if further defined by its cab, optimised for safety, visibility and comfort. The ROPS/FOPS Level 2 cab – common to the entire RTH range – boasts extensive glazed areas and a slender steering column to enhance visibility. Meanwhile the operator can easily enter and exit the machine due to its easy access system supplemented by a slight stagger between the turret and chassis – one of a number of additions to enhance the user’s experience.

Magni has also sought to enhance productivity through the introduction of a 12’’ touch screen alongside a Live Load Diagram system to offer three different modes for displaying the load chart screen for effective control of the operating limits. A rear-view camera displayed on the monitor – automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged – has also been included to ensure optimal safety around the machine.

According to Magni, with its dual extension capacity and consequent upgrades in performance, the model has not surpassed industry standards and maximised efficiency and versatility. This, the company added, is a demonstration of its aim to develop higher performing machines and its determination to continue to lead the technological evolution within the lifting sector.

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