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DP World and CCCSA partnership to help digitalise African trade

DP World has signed a cooperation agreement with the Caspian Containers Company SA (CCCAS) to help digitalise trade by using innovative technology to enable the booking and tracking of shipments across the Greater Caspian region and parts of Africa

Through the implementation of DP World’s SeaRates, a digital platform which allows the process of identifying and booking cargo routes to take place also immediately, cargo owners will now be able to compare quotes from multiple providers and make informed decisions on the optimal route for their shipments. Serving as a ‘digital freight forwarder’, the SeaRates platform will enable CCCSA’s customers to monitor the status and movement details of a container at any point during its journey.

In addition to supporting the digitalisation of the trade sector, the partnership will further strengthen the ties between the Greater Caspian Region and African markets. The particular focus will be to attract customers for project cargo shipments in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, as well as Mozambique, Democratic republic of Congo, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana and Kenya.

Mike Bhaskaran, group chief technology officer, digital technology, DP World, said, “There is a great opportunity to enable further development if the Greater Caspian Region and Africa’s trade routes to unlock more economic benefits. The digitising of the supply chain will help us do this, with innovative technology such as SeaRates enabling cargo to find the most efficient routes to transport their goods via an online platform.

“As a technology leader in the supply chain and logistics space, we are proud of the role that we can play when it comes to providing digital products for all stakeholders in the value chain, and we look forward to building on the relationship we have the Caspian Containers Company to facilitate the flow of trade.”

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